Rent A Private Car

To full fill your travel need you can rent a private car from us because we have more than 100 premium cars for rent. We provide rent a car support in 24/7 days.

For rent a car just pick up the phone and make us a call.

Rent A Micro Bus

Amar rent a car is one of the leading rent a car in Dhaka. We have all kinds of micro-bus e.g. 7 seated, 10 seated and 14 seated micro-bus.

Amar rent a car in Dhaka allows you to be flexible during your days of visit.

Rent A Car from us and Save Time

Car Rental from us and Save Money

Rent Bus/Minibus

We have buses for rent.

    Ambulance Service Bangladesh

    Ambulance Service Dhaka means Amar ambulance service in Bangladesh because we are the best and affordable ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have all kinds of modern ambulance for rent. We have also ICU ambulance and Freezing Van for 24/7 days in a week

    Our team provide dedicated ambulance support for the clients. For ambulance support in Dhaka, Bangladesh please call us in 24 hours


    Just a call for Ambulance Service within 30 Minutes


    24 Hours Ambulance Service